"As soon as the rolling bass of Fade Out rumbles from the speaker, we know that it has been worth the wait, as Eat Dog Eat is ten tracks of some of the best mature rock that you are ever likely to hear."
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"Refreshing, solid and crunchy, “Eat Dog Eat” is a welcome return for both Clarke and Jepson, playing off the talents of both in just the right way."
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"If Classic Rock is your thing, check out 'Eat Dog Eat'. It'll be well worth the investment."
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"My recollections of ‘All Fired Up’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’ wern’t just fond distant memories ‘Eat Dog Eat’ is a record that surely stands it’s ground, basically because it isn’t living on past glories… it’s a modern rock record for this year (a feat some would say they’d be stupid to try) but it’s got balls."
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"Entitled Eat Dog Eat this is probably the finest album to bear the Fastway moniker since those heady days of the early to mid ‘80s."
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